Treatment using

Varmakalai Points


  • Varmam points (171) and its applications.

  • 96 philosophies and Varmam concepts.

  • Diagnosis of Varmam damages.

  • Secret of Elixir points in our body.

  • Varmam points for functional systems of the body.

  • Varmam points related with stars and astrology.

  • Adi muraigal

  • Netti yeduthal muraigal (Varmam -Chiropractic)

  • Thadaval muraigal ( Varmam Massage Techniques )

  • Sarvaanga adangal

  • Varmam and siddha medical system

  • Varmam marunthugal

  • Thattu muraigal

  • Kattu muraigal(bandaging in fracture conditions).

  • Varmam Oil preparation

  • Aru athata sakthiyoottai (energizing techniques for nerve plexus).